Our products

Sealing films

Larmar produces transparent sealing films designed for applications in CPL, HPL and short cycle production facilities.
The films are available in 50 and 75 micron thickness and have a UV finish top coat. Other thicknesses upon request.
We offer the UV top coat in mirror gloss to supermatt with anti finger print effect. 
One of our strength is to combine different gloss levels in one surface to achieve outstanding effects.

Films for lamination

Larmar films for lamination are designed to be laminated with PUR adhesive to the substrate.
In our range are transparent PET films,  equiped with a highly scratch resistant UV coat top coat. Larmar also offers a SoftTouch anti finger print solution. In addition Larmar also produces multi gloss level surfaces  films for lamination that offer a unique effect.
Also customized designs are possible within 12 weeks turnaround time. 
Thicknesses vary from 50 to 175 microns.

Lacquer transfer technology

The lacquer transfer technology offers our customers the possibility to lacquer substrates without a lacquering system and with existing technology by means of a PET film that transfers the lacquer onto the substrate. CPL, HPL and short cycle press systems are used for this purpose.

our products

release films for the furniture industry

Larmar release films are designed for the application of the client. Thicknesses of the transparent PET or BOPP films vary from 18 to 75 microns and are used for CPL and HPL applications as well as for texturing UV painted boards within the process.
On this range we are able to offer as well all multi gloss level designs.

Release films for bonded leather

The release films for bonded leather application have been developed 
soley for that purpose.
The films are available from 18 to 75 microns. We also offer our entire range of design solutions for this industry that offers a wide range of choices for our clients.


Real Metall lamination films are on of our highlights. The foils have a 100% real effect as the foil are laminated with real metall from the underside - we offer four colors: Copper, Titanium, Steel and Champagne Gold. In addition to the natural look we can mix all the metall colors with all surfaces we offer.